SARA Rope Access Services


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Silo Maintenance

In order to expand the life of any silo, regular maintenance and cleaning of these structures is required. SARA Rope Access Global has experience in maintaining a variety of silos, including concrete, steel and stainless steel. We have also mastered the skill of effectively cleaning and repairing these costly assets for large, South African blue chip companies.

Standby Rescue Teams

All working-at-height activities are risk bound. While emergencies and accidents are planned for in mitigation, they do still occur. We have found that the need and use of a permanently based rope access rescue team conforms to the requirements of Health and Safety. Having access to this service on a permanent basis means that it can be availed of quickly in those unlikely instances where it is required.

Confined Space

SARA Rope Access Global specializes in confined space entry related projects. Our trained and skilled operators undertake various work activities, ranging from cleaning and removal of blockages to internal condition surveys , inspections and repairs. With the safety of our technicians being paramount in all of our activities, operators follow strict protocols to ensure that work is done safely and efficiently.

CSP Maintenance

Over the past several years SARA Rope Access Global has obtained the necessary skills to provide key services and support for the construction and maintenance of Concentrated Solar Power projects. Our Rope Access Technicians are able to quickly and safely gain access to otherwise difficult-to-reach areas in order to conduct repairs, installations and maintenance.

Fall Arrest Systems

Legislative and occupational health and safety regulations require that all personnel working at height must be attached or hooked onto an independently anchored lifeline. We specialize in the development and installation of custom designed lifeline systems, as well as the associated inspection and fit-for-use declaration.                                                

Reports and Condition Surveys

With speciality skills, such as re-bar detection, core drilling, coverage testing, spalling and crack surveys, SARA Rope Access Global has both the equipment and the technical know-how to provide our clients with a one-stop access and survey solution.