SARA Rope Access Services

 With our Rope Access Technicians, no area is out of reach. They possess the skills and abilities to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles innovatively, from towering heights to the darkest corners.

Our Services

Working At Height

Silo Maintenance, Repairs & Cleaning

CSP Maintenance

Structural Repairs

Welding at Height

Reports and Condition Surverys


Fall Arrest Solutions


Confined Space Entry

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Global experience. Safety first.

SA Rope Access offers:

  • Greater flexibility than is possible with moving platforms or traditional access methods.
  • Access to otherwise impossible-to-reach areas.
  • Less congestion at the foot of buildings, parking areas and access points.
  • Optimized security due to the fact that no fixed access structures are left on site.
  • Reduced set-up time, thus minimizing man hours and costs and reducing downtime in adverse weather.
  • A quieter service with minimal interference.

Meet Our CEO

Werner Swanepoel


“Love what you do, drive innovation and keep pushing, this will keep you happy, humble and open to life long learning”

At SARA Rope Access Global, we believe in reaching new heights of excellence. As leaders in rope access, maintenance repairs, confined space operations, painting, silo cleaning, and more, we prioritize safety, efficiency, and minimal disruption to operations. Our commitment to cost-effective solutions sets us apart, ensuring impactful results for our valued clients. Let’s elevate your expectations together.